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Motor control software

Github Repo: (based on hoverboard-firmware-hack)

Modified code with lots of improvements with a focus on serial communication and parallel use of ADCs as input. “transpotter” like control can be configured just via parameters.

Changes to hoverboard-firmware-hack

  • Build Environment is Old Makefile based system should work too, but not tested.
  • UART Control can be configured to Connect to USART2 or USART3
  • Added CRC Checksum to UART Control. This way, the protocol just loses sync but the board does not try to kill you anymore (at least less often)
  • UART Control and Debug can be active on the same cable
  • Extended ADC Input Control config options. Default is platooning / “transpotter”
  • ADC Input Control can coexist with all other control Methods as long as the other Method uses the other cable
  • Watchdog Implemented which monitors if main is still running. Stops motors and shuts down if not.
  • Serial Protocol implemented (very shrunk down version from btsimonhs pidcontrol)
    • PWM can be set and read
    • Human readable ASCII Protocol can coexist with machine parseable Messages
    • Buzzer commands
    • Hall Interrupts for Speed Feedback

Wireles Interface Module and Paddelec Remote Control

ESP32 with Acceleration Sensor and Gyro, OLED Display. Serial communication to Motor control board, ESPnow link between ESPs.