mechanical parts for

Technically there are a few different configurations of we have currently deployed.


The one which might be most familliar for most of you is the wireshark. It is designed using computer-aided designed base plate. The base plate was then cut using a CNC router. wireshark was constructed to carry a Mate crate lengthways or to fit one eurobox/two beverage crates orthogonal. Thus it can either be used as a transport vehicle or for cruising around by utilising the single crate as a seat.

For details and 3D Models see wireshark


psychos’ board

Bigger, more advanced and more durable than the woddenboard is psychos’ It is longer, allowing it to carry up to three beverage crates on it’s baseplate. psychos’ board fully loaded psychos’ board is build using lightweight aluminium profiles. This makes it possible to be used as a human transportation device as well. psychos’ board with a seat


The most advanced version of currently depolyed is paddelec. The central part is an kayak. The kayak is mounted to a welded frame. paddelec raw While the base is uses uses our modified software version the control unit is even more special. paddelec is controlled with a gyro-equipped paddle. phail @¬†paddelec It’s futuristic design does make it look even faster. And the trailer is only a small hint about its danger. paddelec in action