Land Kayaking with Paddelec

Repurpose, Reinvent: The Hoverboard Kayak Experience.

Paddelec Attention

Welcome to the exhilarating world of Paddelec — where hoverboards, once children's playthings, are repurposed to create an innovative land-kayaking experience!

Paddelec at Lake Constance

Dive into the journey of how simple hoverboard components, coupled with custom firmware and ingenuity, culminated in the creation of Paddelec — an electrifying transport device designed for the adventurous spirit.

Harnessing the power of BLDC motors, gyroscope, and acceleration sensors, Paddelec presents a unique way of controlling movement, mimicking the rhythm of paddling on water, but on land.

Originally presented to the world at the 35th Chaos Communication Congress, the Paddelec has since captured the imaginations of many. In this same spirit of innovation, the iconic "Wireshark" sculpture was born, showcasing the "follow me mode" feature to the world.

Eager to experience this revolution in land mobility firsthand? Join us at the Chaos Communication Camp 2023 this August! Get an opportunity to test the Paddelec and get acquainted with Wireshark, all while diving deep into the realm of innovative communication and technology.